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This general website privacy policy caters for websites which collects personal data of registered users. This policy is suitable for forums, mobile applications, blogs and news portals.

This privacy policy is Malaysia Personal Data Protection 2010 compliant. Translated privacy policy (in the Malay language) is provided in this package.

Author: Foong Cheng Leong
Price: RM500
Specification: 12 pages
Product Code: 0007

[Insert Company Name] (Company No. ) (hereinafter referred as “We” or “Us” or “Our”), either itself or through its subsidiaries or licencees, provides online services via various electronic platforms such as mobile applications or website (“Services”) namely [Insert URL] (“Portal”)


We collect personal information when you:-

(1) register with us to become a user,
(2) provide comments or submit a problem to us,
(3) request information from us and provide your name or return contact information, or
(4) respond to special offers, contests or surveys.

When you register an account with us, we will process personal information such as:-

(1) your name, identity card number, email address, mailing address and IP address;
(2) some financial information such as your PayPal account name and billing address;
(3) your social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter.
[Please insert other personal data collected (if any)]


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