Trade Marks Deed of Assignment

This agreement is between an owner of a trade mark and purchaser. This agreement can be lodged with the Intellectual Property of Trade Marks to record the assignment of a trade mark.

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This Deed of Assignment is made on [Please insert date] between the following parties:

1. [Insert name] (Company No. [ ]) of [Insert Address] (“Assignor”) on the first part;


2. [Insert name] (Company No. [ ]) of [Insert Address] (“Assignee”) on the other part.


A. The Assignor is also the proprietor of the trade mark(s), the particulars and representation of which are set out in the Schedule herein (hereinafter referred to as “the Trade Mark”) and has agreed to assign the benefits of the Trade Mark and all future rights accruing upon registration of the Trade Mark to the Assignee for the consideration and on the terms hereinafter contained.

B. The Assignor is now desirous of recording in writing the assignment and transfer of the Trade Mark in the form as required under the Malaysian law so as to facilitate the entry of the Assignee in the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia as the subsequent registered proprietor.


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