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Image Release Agreement

This agreement can be used when a photographer, videographer or any person recording a person for, among others, advertisements.

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Statutory Declaration for Trade Mark Application (Free!)

This statutory declaration is to be filed with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) when filing a trade mark application in Malaysia.
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Website General Privacy Policy

This general website privacy policy caters for websites which collects personal data of registered users. This policy is suitable for forums, mobile applications, blogs and news portals.

This privacy policy is Malaysia Personal Data Protection 2010 compliant. Translated privacy policy (in the Malay language) is provided in this package.

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Trade Mark Licence Agreement

This trade mark licence agreement is between the owner of a trade mark and a manufacturer who produces products using the trade mark.

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Trade Marks Deed of Assignment

This agreement is between an owner of a trade mark and purchaser. This agreement can be lodged with the Intellectual Property of Trade Marks to record the assignment of a trade mark.

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